Sunday, February 11, 2018

San Diego

On January 30th, we took the short drive from Oakzanita to PioPico RV Resort - a little closer to San Diego. 
We last visited Ssn Diego in March of 2012.  This was for the American Chemical Society's National Meeting (before my retirement). 
It was a bit of nostalgia to revisit the Cafe Coyote in the Old San Diego State Park.  Their Mexican food continues to be definitely worth the visit.

Some of the buildings are original.  Many are restorations.  The park is well done with amazing landscaping and plants.

In 2012 we did not get the chance to visit Balboa park. The park grew out of a turn of the century worlds fair site.  The ornate buildings of that era were mostly chicken wire and plaster facades not intended as permanent structures. Many years of work has produced a large complex of museums and restored buildings. Quite impressive.

For plant lovers like Ina, the adjacent Desert Gardens had a very impressive selection of desert plants.

Many of the plants we carefully cultivate in the East as indoor house plants flourish here in their full outdoor glory.  Enormous cactus, jade, and rosemary plants.
In our travels we generally have fun shopping the local flea markets and thrift stores.  Yesterday, we visited the Spring Valley Swap Meet.  Unlike many flea markets there was a scarcity of  vendors selling out of permanent structures.  Most of the vendors at this enormous 60 acre parking lot appeared to be working from temporary tents and easy-ups.  We spent several hours walking the rows of tents.  It is perhaps the largest yard sale style flea market that we have ever seen.
Also nearby Pio Pico RV park is a sky diving school.  We frequently enjoyed watching the colorful parachute/gliders.

We will pack up camp and head for the Los Angeles in a couple of days.