Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wildwood to Turkey Lake

Last Monday we packed up and moved back to Bill Frederick park at Turkey Lake in Orlando.  We were told about the Turkey Lake park a couple of years ago by a couple we met at Sherando Lake near the Blue Ridge parkway.  The park is lovely, quiet and inexpensive.  A few days after our arrival we were invited to an afternoon mini-potluck where we met and were introduced to several of the resident snowbirds. 

We are primarily using our Thousand Trails membership for our winter stay.  However, the membership limits our stay to two weeks at a time.  Bill Frederick makes an excellent location for the mandatory one week out of the Thousand Trails system.

While at Wildwood  park Monica and Daniel paid us a visit we did a little shopping and had a nice dinner.  There are some interesting western themed sculptures at the entrance to one of the Villages; the Brownwood village.

While shooting pictures of the sculptures, we spied a fairly large alligator sunning himself on the bank of the nearby lake.  He's about 10feet in length, although we didn't get close enough to measure. ;)

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Joe's Crab Shack with Monica, Daniel, Monica's Mom, and Aunt who are visiting for the next couple of weeks.

Today Turkey Lake was hosting a regional Rowing Regatta.  Quite a few high school rowing crews showed up  to compete.

Since the last posting we also paid a visit to the Russell Stover candy factory.  Quite an extensive line of candy is manufactured near Wildwood.  The best deals in the store includes factory seconds, and marked down clearance seasonal themed candy (e.g., Holloween and Christmas candies).  Their regular line of candy is also offered at a good discount over regular retail outlets.

Also today is Valentine's Day.  Although Ina and I didn't do much special for the day; we posed for a nice picture with the park landscaping as a backdrop.