Friday, November 29, 2013

Begin the snowbirding...

Now a year into retirement Ina and I are ready to start our second Winter of snowbirding.  For the information of friends and former co-workers; rest assured, retirement is absolutely wonderful.  We seem to always have things to do and have not been bored since ceasing the daily grind of the workplace.  For friends who are still working, my suggestion is to save the most money you can as early as you can.  Also make plans and discuss what retirement lifestyle you expect.  Knowing what sort of lifestyle that will be satisfying to you will help you plan for how much money you will need. 

I hope to make this blog a chronicle of our travels, with possibly some occasional philosophizing and a once-in-a-while rant thrown in.  I may be a geek, but unfortunately, I’m not a webmaster or graphic artist by any means.  Therefore, friends; please comment on my postings and let me know what you like and don’t like to read.  Last year we used Facebook to keep friends informed of our travels.  This was not optimal because many would not log on to Facebook or preferred not to create a Facebook account.  Perhaps a public web blog will be a better venue.

We’ve spent the recent Thanksgiving days visiting with my mother, my sister and her husband near Elizabeth City North Carolina. We had a wonderful turkey dinner with the usual stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc.  Also there was the family traditional dish of scalloped oysters.  They did not last thru the first leftover cycle. 

We also had a very nice dinner on Thanksgiving eve at the Pines golf club – shrimp and grits to die for and deep fried oysters.   

We’ll celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday on Saturday with cousins from Florida and Ohio expected to join the crowd which already includes the Johnson and Bradshaw children and grandchildren.  I’ll have some pictures of the birthday gathering in a later posting.