Friday, February 24, 2017

San Antonio and Medina Lake

We stayed at the Medina Lake Thousand Trails park near San Antonio, Texas  February 4-6, 2017. Of course one must see the Alamo when in San Antonio.  I guess readers can compare how we have aged since our first visit to San Antonio (see the the blog entry from March 2014).

During this visit we again saw the Alamo, but were able to spend more time along the river walk and  was able take one of the river walk boat tours.

The monument to Texas freedom and those who died defending the Alamo from Santa Anna's Mexican army.

We ate lunch at one of the riverside restaurants. Unfortunately, the place we picked did not have great food or service. 
The campground at Medina Lake was very quiet and pleasant.  The place is literally over-run with deer.

After a five day stay we broke camp and headed for Del Rio Texas.  We lingered in Del Rio at a small RV park for a week.  However, we did not do any tourist type activities in Del Rio except for a Wine tasting at a local winery.

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