Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years and Shopping

We spent a fairly low key New Years eve.  I guess we're just too old to be excited about the New Years partying.   From the campground the you can hear the distant sound of the nightly fireworks show at Disney's Magic Kingdom.  The show generally starts around 10PM and lasts for 15-20 minutes.  The New Years Eve sound of fireworks began as usual but generally continued reaching a crescendo by midnight (fading out by 1AM).  

Early on New Year's eve, Daniel and Monica treated us to a fabulous seafood feast at the Moon Fish restaurant.  We passed up the fine dining for the seafood appetizers with wine and cocktails.  All the selections were excellent (a wide variety of sushi, oysters on the half shell, blackend  oysters, tuna fish tacos, and stewed mussels).  The mussels were particularly noteworthy.  The mussels' Thai style curry sauce was perfect flavor match.  Moon Fish is definitely worth a visit.

Ina devoted New Years eve and Thursday, the day after New Years,  to shopping.  I functioned begrudgingly as her taxi driver.  The traffic was horrendous with crowded bumper-to-bumper highways in nearly everywhere.  Much of the congestion is likely due to holiday vacationers.  We did not see this level of traffic when we were in Orlando last February. 

Note the high-end brands.  Thankfully, she only looked and didn't purchase.  Whew! 

The Millenia Mall is very nicely landscaped.

A few miles to the South  is the Orlando Premium Outlets.  Although not as ornate as Millenia, it is a very large scale outlet mall with probably at least 1 and a half times more stores than the Prime Outlets at Williamsburg, VA.

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