Monday, December 30, 2013

Family and Fishing

Although we've been doing some family-type activities, I've been lazy and haven't blogged for a few days.

On Christmas, Daniel and Monica treated us to a wonderful afternoon dinner.  Stomachs were stuffed with ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. 

 A few presents were exchanged, followed by talk and some adult beverage.  Daniel's friend Kenny brought delicious carrot cake.
 Barney took full advantage of the opportunity to lay on the sofa (a treat which is forbidden in the motorhome).

On Saturday, Dec 28th, my cousin Ginni, invited us to have dinner.  It was quite a busy house with Ginni and her husband,Tommy; cousin, David and his wife, Karen; as will as Ginni's daughter Stacey, her husband and four kids.  It was a really pleasant evening with talk and games played with the kids.  The pictures are from Stacy and Ginni's Facebook pages.

On Sunday, Daniel and I went fishing at Mosquito lagoon.  No luck on catching any fish.  However, the weather was a comfortable overcast with no rain and temps in the 70's.   There were also several manatees in the channel leading into the lagoon.  We also saw a number of dolphins that were constantly churning the water apparently hunting for mullet.  We netted several of the mullet to use for cut bait.  There were a number of kayakers observing mantees.

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  1. We kayaked on the Wekiva river and got rained on. The Haulover canal was one of our other choices. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Enjoyed your visit. Tell Ina hi.
    love Ginni


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