Sunday, February 9, 2014

Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans

After a good eggs and bacon breakfast, we hitched up and got underway on Friday morning by 9AM. The route to New Orleans was mostly on I-10 with light traffic. Although our destination was only about 200 miles away, the route passes through three states.

After checking with the iPhone app, Gas Buddy; I decided to wait until we got to
Mississippi buy gasoline.  The best gas price in the Pensacola vicinity was $3.21 per gal.  Gasoline at the first Mississippi Flying J on I-10 was $2.99 per gallon.  We pumped nearly 68 gallons for about a $15 savings – worth the wait.

The bridge over Lake Pontchartrain at over 20 miles is the longest in North America.

Traffic became much heavier as we entered New Orleans. it was only 2PM.  We wondered how much worse it would have been during rush hour.  About 12 miles past city center, we arrived at the Navy Base main gate.

The park is an open area without trees.  A gravel road loops around a grassy area with full hook-up concrete sites.  A nice park with a strong Verizon 4G cellular signal.  No need for the Wilson amplifier here.

My lower back began to bother me on Saturday.  So we spent both Saturday and Sunday pretty much staying around the RV.  Only leaving for a Commissary/PX run (less than a half-mile away).  

Late on Saturday, an RV park neighbor knocked on our door to alert us to a water leak.  A small geyser of fresh water was spilling out of one of the rear compartments. 

It seems the hose that connects the on-board pump to the RV plumbing system had come loose.  Since the pump was turned on and the coach was connected to the city water bib;  water was being pushed out from both sources; filling the storage bay and running out on the ground.

After turning the water off and examining the hose, it seems the manufacturer used a plastic hose too large for its plastic tee fitting.  The hose clamp could not compress the plastic sufficiently.  A layer of self-fusing rubber tape and a generous coating of RTV sealant on the tee fitting seems to have fixed the problem.    

Hopefully my back will be less painful on Monday.  With the weekend crowd gone we can do a little tourist activity.  More to blog then.

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