Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pensacola Bound

After seeing the traffic mess in Atlanta, we opted to stay an extra day at Manatee Springs.  It turned out to be a smart move.   When we got on the road to Tallahassee it was about 36 degrees.  Enroute we found a convenient station and topped up the fuel at $3.26 per gallon.  After a short 2 hour drive we were at the Tallahassee Costco picking up a few items.  The nearest campground turned out to be full with no vacancy for an over-night stay.  The campground manager suggested Walmart (same shopping center as Costco).    There are few campgrounds in the area.  The nearest one West-bound likely to have vacancies was about 60 miles away.  We opted for Walmart.

After asking for permission at Customer Service, we parked in the far section of the parking lot and settled in.  It was only after tuning in the local TV news that we learned that I-10 had been closed down due to the ice (only re-opening late that afternoon).  The Walmart turned out to be quiet and comfortable (and of course FREE).  

Karen (my  cousin Dave's wife) had a a late afternoon doctor's appointment.  However, she joined us for a nice dinner at Olive Garden.  Dave was away on a botanical research trip to Brazil.  Hopefully, we will see him on our next trip through town.

The next morning, we walked across the street for breakfast at McDonalds.  West bound I-10 was clear and not too busy.  However, you could see areas where the snow had not melted.  Also may of the bridges still held a lot of the sand layed down during the ice storm.

Four hours later and 200 miles to the West, we pulled in to the Blue Angels Recreation Area at Pensacola.  We like this military park.  While not as picturesque as the park at Mayport, Jacksonville;  it is a very clean and quiet campground -water front sites, wide concrete pads, water, 50amp electric and a strong cellular data signal.  Blue Angels park does not require reservations and always has space available.  We paid for a week, but may extend our stay to visit with some great friends in Pensacola and do some tourist-type activity at nearby Gulf Shores.  Last year we stayed over a month and a half here. 

Today we celebrated Jane's 85th birthday with Dave, Gill, Cathy, and friends.  Only a few pictures for this posting.

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  1. Well, you gotta admit, encountering ice storms in Florida made it more like an "adventure". Karen


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