Monday, April 14, 2014

Coronado National Forest

These are pictures from the scenic drive road through the Coronado National Forest.  The road is a winding two lane blacktop which climbs for about 30miles to the summit of Mt. Lemmmon (9000ft elevation).  Tucson is at about 3000ft, so it is a 6000ft climb over the thirty miles.  There is not much to comment on these gorgeous scenes. we drove the 30miles on April 9th.  The Mt. Lemon area is the southermost ski slope in Arizona. 
View of the Tucson suburbs from the foot of the mountains.

Tiny car on the road in the valley is the same one in the preceding photo.

On the summit we actually found a few patches of snow in the shadows (76 degrees there and 90 degrees in Tucson).  The lighter color patch of land in the distance is Davis-Monthan AFB.

Note the person on the top of the column.

 Our campsite at Davis-Monthan.

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