Monday, December 2, 2013

Birthday Celebration

My mother’s 90th birthday party was on Saturday, Nov 30th.  A buffet style luncheon was served followed by cake and ice cream.   It was a fairly large gathering of family with the cousins, David, Ginni, Sandy, and myself, together for the first  time in many many years.  The wives, husbands, children, and family friends numbered more than twenty including three grandchildren and five great grand children. It seemed as if the hours flew by while many childhood memories were shared.  Later in the evening, cousin David showed a wonderful slide show he had compiled from his own and sister Ginni’ family’s photo albums.  The presentation chronicled Mom’s life from childhood.  The next evening, I presented a photo show of images I had scanned-in from Mom’s and Sharon’s photo albums.  The slide shows were quite entertaining as each photo brought out memories of many poignant and amusing episodes in our lives.  Everyone then shared the image files with each other for inclusion in each family’s photo albums.  Before cousins David, Ginni, and Sandy left for home we assembled for some family pictures with a cherished framed print in the background which had been passed down and had appeared in family photos over more than  80 years. Here is an example of a time warp circa 1960s to the present.  We haven't aged a bit.  LOL!

 A couple more photos with the aforementioned framed print.

Getting skunked:
On Sunday, Steve and I attempted to do some fishing.  However, as soon as the boat went in the water, the wind picked up and the water got rougher.  Nevertheless we proceeded out to a fishing spot within minutes of our arrival a fog bank started rolling in and we were socked in with about 150ft visibility.  After about 45 minutes of no action we returned to dock navigating by GPS.  Of course after the boat was put away, the wind died down and the fog cleared.  It must have been our day for the gray cloud to follow us around.  We may try again if the weather is nice in the next few days.
Barney also had a good time going for a swim in the cold water.

Finally, this weekend there were a few beautiful sunsets right out the windshield of the RV.

 The house faces west across the river toward Elizabeth City.

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