Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fort Sumter

We toured Ft. Sumter on Thursday.  Admission to the Fort, a national park, is free.  However, the boat ride to the fort costs about $16 each.  It was worth the money since the fort itself is interesting with a good 20 minute informative talk by a park ranger.  The boat ride also provides plenty of opportunity to take pictures of the water front, the Yorktown museum aircraft carrier and the cable stay bridge over the  spanning Cooper River.

Unfortunately, many of the pictures I took were not good.  It turns out the photographer was not competent using the new (to me) Nikon digital SLR camera.  The camera takes excellent pictures when not set to manual mode.  An embarrassing performance for a computer geek.  After reading the manual, I hope to do better next time.

The boat ride was comfortable.

After the tour we found and excellent and historic restaurant, the Magnolia Restaurant.  Magnolia, according to a tour book is housed in the city’s original 1739 customs house.  The food was as good as it gets.  The deep fried oyster appetizer was surprisingly served on a bed of pinto beans. The spicy Cajun-like seasoning in the beans really complimented the flavor of the oysters. 

The crusted flounder lunch entre was served on a bed of rice with crab and shrimp in a wonderful sauce.  The fish was topped with a vegetable medley.   I’d give Magnolia 5 stars.  Definitely not to be missed. 

Since the weather on Friday and Saturday turned rainy; we stayed in the campground and took care of some grocery shopping at the Commissary.

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  1. food looks good. I bought some oysters yesterday for the Oyster Casserole that I plan to bring to Jeni's house. Looks like you are are having a nice time :)


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