Saturday, December 7, 2013

Joint Base Charleston Family Camp

After traveling 190 some miles southward yesterday, we've settled in for several day's stay at the Charleston Air Force Base (now Joint Base Charleston) family camp.  I'd say the campground is first class with spacious concrete parking pads with 50amp full hook-ups  Although the camp WIFI signal is strong, I had difficulty in connecting.  Perhaps it has been set to limit the number of connections. Anyhow the Verizon cell signal is an excellent 4G.  I was able to easily stream video on it.  The sites are partially wooded, but I was also able to easily get Dish satellite signal.

When we arrived at about 4PM yesterday, the camp host escorted us to the site and provided an outstanding area orientation on the base and the surrounding area (also providing some handouts on area tourist attractions).   All-in-all excellent service.

Since we had eaten a late lunch en route, we waited until after 6PM  to search for something to eat.  We found a fairly good Mexican restaurant about 3 miles from the base gate (La Hacienda).

Also after breakfast this morning we did a little PX/Commissary shopping.  The base facilities appear good to better than average for a medium sized installation.

I found  an interesting tree while walking Barney today.

I guess it shows that even in nature all is not lost when we fall down.

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  1. Hi Ron and Ina! The food looks good and the park is beautiful. I'm certain you guys know how the weather has been back home; cold and wet.

    i loved the open road video; none of that here. I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day; let me know if you need anything.


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